Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lovely Floors

Remember what the floors looked like before we got started? They have come a looong way. After sanding the four bedrooms, the hallway, and the living room, we filled holes and hand sanded rough spots. Then we whipped the whole thing down with mineral spirits to remove all the leftover dust.  

Then we started staining! We choose a Rust-Oleum Stain which dries quicker than many others. We loved the color "Early American." It helped to even out the floor tones and cover up the remaining pet stains. It did an amazing job of bringing out the wood grain and we couldn't be happier!


Now, the floors are finished and we are so excited and pleased. After everything else is done, we will sand the floor one more time with a screen and do the last coat of Polyurethane. I can't wait to see it totally finished!! 

The next big project: Paint!! Don't be afraid of COLOR!!

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one muse more said...

The floors look gorgeous! :) Cannot WAIT to see that paint on the walls. :)