Monday, October 8, 2012

Color My World!!

Starting my Purple Kitchen!

I loooove how it turned out.

 Starting the kitchen cabinets.
Base coat in the dinning room.

Our Bedroom

My craft room. 

The office.

The gold halls. 

The Spare Room. 

The Laundry Room.

Landon is painting all the ceilings!

Looooong Weekends

 We’ve been spending every weekend working on the house and getting ton’s done thanks to awesome friends, teammates, and family!! Slowly (adding to and) checking things off the list!

Who would have covered this paper up?

Scraping and painting on the back porch to appease the bank. 

We always assign the really hard jobs to Keith. 

Those evil bedroom walls- wall papered to unprimed drywall, then painted. 

Margaret and Stephan painting our dozens of doors. 

“The Ryans” painting the living room. 

Scrapping the peeling wood paneling. 

Landon ripping down the ceiling tiles and lights in the front entry. 

Priming the dining room. 

Putting up Drywall. 

Tackling the water damage in the master closet…and leaving a note for future generations. 

One of many, many trays of paint. :)

Fixing the floor in the mud room. 

New dining room floor. 

Say goodbye to the horrible linoleum!

One room down….how many to go??

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lovely Floors

Remember what the floors looked like before we got started? They have come a looong way. After sanding the four bedrooms, the hallway, and the living room, we filled holes and hand sanded rough spots. Then we whipped the whole thing down with mineral spirits to remove all the leftover dust.  

Then we started staining! We choose a Rust-Oleum Stain which dries quicker than many others. We loved the color "Early American." It helped to even out the floor tones and cover up the remaining pet stains. It did an amazing job of bringing out the wood grain and we couldn't be happier!


Now, the floors are finished and we are so excited and pleased. After everything else is done, we will sand the floor one more time with a screen and do the last coat of Polyurethane. I can't wait to see it totally finished!! 

The next big project: Paint!! Don't be afraid of COLOR!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Verry Productive Weekend

Thank  goodness for family and friends! 

Landon’s mom and stepdad, his cousin Marg, and her husband & son all came. Then, my parent and brother and sister came from Virginia to help!! We worked hard, but had so much fun!!! My mom brought be our first home-warming gift….a big planter in our wedding colors. :)

When everyone arrived, we got right to work. 

Matt and Keith worked on removing the half walls in the dining room, and then the strange built in wall that divided the living room and entry way. I was hesitant to remove them. I loooove built ins, and hated the idea of removing some that were already there. was a great move. It ovens up the space, making the room seem lighter and bigger. 

G-Man was a huge help making sure everyone stayed  hydrated. Stephan was a hug help sanding the bedrooms pretty much the whole day!    Marg sweeped all the sawdust and sanded edges.  
My dad worked on removing two flower boxes on either side of the garage doors. They were continuing to the moister issues we had in the cellar. 
Matt spent a lot of time up on the roof, cleaning out gutters that may have never been cleaned before. How much does he look like John in this pic??

It was a double-fisting XS kind of day. Theresa did all kinds of spray paint all the registers a snazzy textured silver. 

Saturday Night - surveying our progress. This house is going to be so awesome!! This is the only pick we got of the whole fam....
I guess we'll need to get together again!  

I have the best family!!! Sunday they stayed past midnight to get everything done!

I love them. And they love me, too. :)