Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can totally do this!

Seventeen days, but who is counting. Yesterday we had a phone meeting with our DJ, I talked with the florist to make sure we had the order right and were all paid up, and worked on the contacting people who have not RSVPed so I can put the final order in for food and linens. Talked with Lisa about some things she is doing for me for decorations. Talked to Theresa about the dresses. Updated all to do lists. Every day we are getting closer.


I am giving up stress for Lent. That sounds a little silly, maybe. It isn’t nearly as concrete as giving up chocolate or Facebook. But I thought a lot about what would help me grow closer to God, which is the point of a Lenten sacrifice, after all. So stress it is. I’ll work on loving better, too. And prayer…daily morning prayer. It will be a good, fruitful Lent, I think. Thank God for renewal!!