Friday, February 24, 2012

Remember me?

Hmmm….almost a year later. So much has happened and I feel like I should be chronicling it a little better.  It has been a wonderful year. Our wedding was amazing, and I am so glad Contrast Images was there to caputure every moment! Check out their site for a few of our pictures. Married life suits me.Changes continue.

Love this sofaOur house is homey, but not quite home. We just placed a second bit on what we hope will turn into our first real home. I’m excited, and probably sending way too much time on planning every detail.  Good thing our business is growing. I am going to need some dough to make it look just so. Can we start with this please…

Still working on lots of projects.  I just started a new blanket for my sister-in-laws new little one. I’m awefully slow with new patterns, but I’m feeling proud. I’ll post pictures eventually.

Happy Lent! I'm reading Rediscover Catholicism as part of my Lenten Prep. Amazing…If you are looking for a good faith read, please treat yourself to this $3 book available from