Monday, October 8, 2012

Color My World!!

Starting my Purple Kitchen!

I loooove how it turned out.

 Starting the kitchen cabinets.
Base coat in the dinning room.

Our Bedroom

My craft room. 

The office.

The gold halls. 

The Spare Room. 

The Laundry Room.

Landon is painting all the ceilings!

Looooong Weekends

 We’ve been spending every weekend working on the house and getting ton’s done thanks to awesome friends, teammates, and family!! Slowly (adding to and) checking things off the list!

Who would have covered this paper up?

Scraping and painting on the back porch to appease the bank. 

We always assign the really hard jobs to Keith. 

Those evil bedroom walls- wall papered to unprimed drywall, then painted. 

Margaret and Stephan painting our dozens of doors. 

“The Ryans” painting the living room. 

Scrapping the peeling wood paneling. 

Landon ripping down the ceiling tiles and lights in the front entry. 

Priming the dining room. 

Putting up Drywall. 

Tackling the water damage in the master closet…and leaving a note for future generations. 

One of many, many trays of paint. :)

Fixing the floor in the mud room. 

New dining room floor. 

Say goodbye to the horrible linoleum!

One room down….how many to go??